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ECCLESIASTIC - Definiția din dicționar

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Ec*cle`si*as"tic (?; 277), a. [L. ecclesiasticus, Gr. &unr_;, fr. &unr_; an assembly of citizens called out by the crier; also, the church, fr. &unr_; called out, fr. &unr_; to call out; 'ek out + &unr_; to call. See Ex-, and Hale, v. t., Haul.] Of or pertaining to the church. See Ecclesiastical.Ecclesiastic government.” Swift.
[1913 Webster]


Ec*cle`si*as"tic, n. A person in holy orders, or consecrated to the service of the church and the ministry of religion; a clergyman; a priest.
[1913 Webster]

From a humble ecclesiastic, he was subsequently preferred to the highest dignities of the church. Prescott.
[1913 Webster]