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EQUILATERAL - Definiția din dicționar

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E`qui*lat"er*al (?), a. [L. aequilateralis; aequus equal + latus, lateris, side: cf. F. équilatéral.] Having all the sides equal; as, an equilateral triangle; an equilateral polygon.
[1913 Webster]

Equilateral hyperbola (Geom.), one whose axes are equal. -- Equilateral shell (Zo&ö;l.), one in which a transverse line drawn through the apex of the umbo bisects the valve, or divides it into two equal and symmetrical parts. -- Mutually equilateral, applied to two figures, when every side of the one has its equal among the sides of the other.
[1913 Webster]


E`qui*lat"er*al, n. A side exactly corresponding, or equal, to others; also, a figure of equal sides.
[1913 Webster]